A name steeped in racing tradition and automotive innovation, Granatelli is driven into the minds of car enthusiasts everywhere. With over 70 years of expertise in speed, the Granatelli legacy has dominated Indy 500s, broken world records and thrilled multiple generations of racing fans. Among the family’s greatest achievements are the world-famous Granatelli Turbines.

First, under motosports icon Andy Granatelli and his collaboration with Lotus Cars founder Colin Chapman, the STP-sponsored #70 Lotus 56/3 Turbine Indy Race Car entered into the 1968 Indy 500 as one of the first cars to race the event with a turbine engine—a radical feat even by today’s standards.

Ten years later Vince Granatelli, son of Andy, would follow his father’s passion for high speed by engineering a Chevy Corvette to house a ST6B turbine engine. The grand experiment led to the world’s fastest street-legal Chevy Corvette—nicknamed the “Jet-Vette”—cranking 0 to 60 mph in only 3.6 seconds.

Under the stewardship of the Granatelli name, the use of the turbine as an engine changed the sport of racing forever. It transformed an engine that revs to a turbine that roars supremacy on and off the track. A powerhouse in both name and performance, the Granatelli Turbine represents an integral part of automotive history that you can keep moving well into the future.

Ownership History of Lotus #70

  • 1968—1969: Andy Granatelli/STP

  • 1969—1996: STP Headquarters

  • 1996—2012: Richard Petty

  • 2012—Present: Milton Verret

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